if i could...


hny ungkapan ini yg mmpu ku ucapkan ari ni coz 2 pekara yg slme ni belenggu pikiran aku da b`akhir..:) alhamdulillah. sonot sgt rsenye..pasni,aku perlu wt prncgn strosnye..smge prncgn pasni b`jln ngn lancar..amin...


chatting is the common way 2 meet new friends.I encourage everyone to give some of the following chat widgets a try and make your own conclusions. Let's take a look at some of the top ones...
huv fun! :)


MeeboMe is the leader in the space. This spin-off of the original multiple client chat (Meebo) is a nice, simple chat widget. It features publisher status, user nickname editing, and sound control. Also be sure to check out MeeboRooms, launched earlier this year.


Plugoo is a slick little chat widget that enables you to talk with site visitors via your IM client. In other words, you can work as usual without having to keep an eye on the chat box. Then if someone initiates a chat, a message will pop up on your IM. Great concept.


Mabber is a simple, basic chat widget. No frills or gimmicks. It has an easy set-up process and intuitive interface, which makes this a good choice if you're looking to add a little something extra to your site.


Formerly InCircles, Pladeo is beautifully designed Flash chat widget. Some might call it overkill though. Site owners can choose a vertical or horizontal layout, as well as the color. Nicely designed, but it may take away from the rest of your site.


Userplane is a more sophisticated chat offering. I found the sign up process to be a bit tedious, but the end product was worth it. The company launched a revenue-sharing program in May of this year. [disclosure: Userplane is a R/WW sponsor]


Geesee is highly functional and robust, yet it's also a cumbersome service. I found the interface and color scheme to be a bit childish, although I suppose the service is tailored as a more 'fun' offering than some of the others.


Gabbly is a slick, multi-user chat widget. The service also provides RSS and audio functionality. I found it to be a pretty good overall offering, unless you're looking for something extremely basic.


Chatango is a personalized chat widget. The set-up was easy, yet it still provided a high level of customization. The interface wasn't the slickest, but it was intuitive. Overall though, I thought Chatango was mediocre.

Zoho Chat

Zoho Chat was one of my favorite services that I tested. It is extremely easy to set-up and very slick. The widget is very simple to use and professional-looking. [disclosure: Zoho is a R/WW sponsor]


ParaChat is more of an application than a widget. The embedded chat box is a "presence" and feels like it's part of the website. However the look n' feel is very web 1.0 and the ads take away from the experience. Overall, I wasn't overly impressed.


salam..:) fuh!!lme sungguh ak xbkk blog ni.huhu..
al-maklum la,aku ni bkn rjn nk ngarang ayt.
xreti den..:p
btw,skunk ni nga cuti sem.
agk bowink jgk la dok kt umah je.
so,ak pun crk la aktiviti yg aku mnt.hehe..
di umah time tga ari aku lah chef..
besh memasak.sonot sgt!
ptg lak aku men badminton ngn adk2 aku.haha...
mlm lak aku tlg adk2 wt keje..(kakak misali ke??muahaha)
lupe lak..kucin aku ilg!!!uwaaaa...:((
sdey taw..
myb kne keja ngn anjing kot.
kne la trime hkkt kucin aku da xde.